Millet Magic: Unveiling the Nutritional Power of Nutripaathsala

In the realm of nutrition, where health and well-being intertwine, the Aahar Project, initiated by the Joywing Foundation, has embarked on a transformative journey. The Nutripaathsala program, a key component of this project, stands as a testament to the commitment to nourishing dreams and fostering a healthier future for the children of Jaipur.

1. Nutripaathsala and HarvestPlus Collaboration:

Nutripaathsala, a brainchild of Joywing Foundation, collaborates with HarvestPlus, a global leader in biofortified crops. HarvestPlus operates in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, tackling hidden hunger—a global health crisis exacerbated by poverty. Hidden hunger weakens immune systems, leaving individuals susceptible to infections such as diarrhea and diseases like COVID-19. It leads to high rates of stunting, blindness, anemia, poor pregnancy outcomes, and developmental impairments in children.

2. Joywing's Focus on Biofortified Crops:

Joywing Foundation aligns with HarvestPlus’s mission, working on biofortified crops to combat hidden hunger. Staple crop biofortification, a practical solution, addresses the nutritional needs of smallholder farming families who consume what they grow. This initiative is particularly critical during the 1,000 days from conception to age two, where the effects of hidden hunger are most acute. Half a billion women aged 15 to 49 suffer from debilitating anemia, impacting productivity and reproductive health.

3. The Nutri Pathshala Program:

HarvestPlus, in its commitment to promoting biofortified crops in daily life, runs the “Nutri Pathshala” program. This initiative aims to make biofortified crops a regular part of life, especially for smallholder farming families. The program, titled “Nutri Pathshala: Bringing School Children Plates Full of Nutrition,” has been launched in India to provide nutrition to two million children through school meals. Locally produced iron-enriched pearl millet and zinc-enriched wheat are incorporated into school feeding programs, offering a sustainable solution to combat micronutrient deficiencies.

4. Joywing and HarvestPlus Joint Venture:

Joywing Foundation joined hands with HarvestPlus in a collaborative venture, as evidenced by their LinkedIn post: “Thrilled to partner with ICDS in Rajasthan, drawing insights from changemakers like Dr. Manju Yadav, Deputy Director, ICDS, Rajasthan, in tackling malnutrition among school children.” This partnership aims to elevate nutrient density in staple crops, combat hidden hunger, and foster inclusive development. Through their HaNSA program and Nutri Pathshala model, they seek to create enduring change.

5. Focus on Children's Nutrition:

Joywing’s aim is specific, focusing on children’s nutrition, particularly in government schools where mid-day meals are provided. The initiative is distinct in its goal to bridge the nutrition gap by offering breakfast, ensuring children receive adequate nutrition not only in the afternoon but also the following morning. The emphasis remains on millet products, promoting a nutritious start to the day for better child development.

In conclusion, the partnership between Joywing Foundation and HarvestPlus signifies a concerted effort to combat hidden hunger, promote biofortified crops, and create lasting change in the lives of children in Jaipur. Together, they strive to make nutritious food an integral part of daily life, paving the way for a healthier and brighter future.

Support the Cause:

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