Nourishing Dreams: The Aahar Project Journey Begins

In the heartlands of Rajasthan, where the sun kisses the golden sands, a silent revolution is unfolding. Joywing Foundation, a beacon of hope and compassion, has embarked on a transformative journey with the launch of the Aahar Project. This initiative, fueled by the vision of a nourished and empowered future, has been a beacon of change for the past three months.

Aahar Project: A Joywing Initiative

Initiated by Joywing and sponsored with heartfelt commitment, the Aahar Project began as a pilot venture in collaboration with the government. This visionary undertaking was not just a project; it was an embodiment of compassion and collective responsibility. Serving as a testament to Joywing’s dedication to community welfare, the Aahar Project aimed to address malnutrition among children, starting with a pilot project in Jaipur’s anganwadis and schools.

Under the Aahar Project, 1250 students have been receiving a daily dose of nutrition in the form of millet bars. Crafted from locally sourced bajra and other government-recommended ingredients, these bars are a powerhouse of nutrients, supporting the physical and cognitive development of young minds.

HarvestPlus and Nutri Paathshala Collaboration

Central to the Aahar Project’s success is the collaboration with HarvestPlus, an organization dedicated to biofortifying crops in India. Nutri Paathshala, an innovative program for children, works in tandem with HarvestPlus and Joywing to bring biofortified Bajra millet bars to young beneficiaries in anganwadis and schools

Millet Nutrition Bar Served


Millet Nutrition Bar Served

HarvestPlus, known for its commitment to providing biofortified crops, has been a key player in ensuring the availability of nutrient-rich iron pearl millet. The presence of rich iron in Bajra makes it an ideal nutritional supplement for children.

The Aahar Project's Holistic Approach

Joywing runs the Aahar Project with the combined support of HarvestPlus and crowdfunding efforts. The primary focus is to provide millet-based products in cooked food to children, aligning with the government’s vision to introduce morning breakfast in the mid-day meal program by 2026.

The project commenced with a pilot program for 100 children, gradually expanding to 500, and now reaching 1250 children. The Nutri Paathshala program, under the Aahar Project umbrella, is set to continue its impactful journey until 2026. The aim is to cover all children in Jaipur, with the endorsement of both the local government and HarvestPlus.

Addressing Malnutrition: A Call to Action

The data from the National Family Health Survey (NHFS) underscores the urgency of projects like Aahar. Malnutrition rates among children (stunting, wasting, and underweight) under 5 years have reduced significantly from NHFS-4 (2015-16) to NHFS-5 (2019-21). Rajasthan, specifically, has witnessed a commendable decrease from 36.7 to 27.6.

Beyond nourishing children, the Aahar Project goes a step further, providing meaningful employment opportunities. Not only are self-help groups empowering women, but farmers are also finding a market for their produce, creating a holistic cycle of community development.

Aahar Project Crowdfunding Campaign: Join Us in Nourishing Dreams

In our relentless pursuit of a nourished future, we invite you to be a part of our crowdfunding campaign. Your support can turn dreams into reality for thousands of children. Every contribution helps us extend the reach of the Aahar Project, ensuring that no child sleeps with an empty stomach.

Join the Movement: Nourish Dreams, Empower Lives

As we witness the Aahar Project’s early successes, we see more than a nutrition program. It is a beacon of hope, a promise for a brighter future. With the continued support of HarvestPlus, the government, compassionate individuals, and your valuable contributions, the Aahar Project is set to scale new heights.

Every millet bar served and every donation received is a step towards nourishing dreams, fostering education, and building resilient communities.

Join us in nourishing dreams, for a well-fed child today is a beacon of hope for a thriving community tomorrow